Linda L
I am so happy that I joined the 15-week “Create Your Personal Health Zone” program. I have tried many, many “diets” with some weight loss, only to eventually gain the weight back. But with the Chaney Health 15-week program, I was given many “tools” to help permanently change my lifestyle to a much healthier way of living and eating.

Sallie C
I have personally benefited a great deal from taking an active role in the 15-week “Create Your Personal Health Zone” program. This class, being quite different from others, allows a person to do a lot of self-examination to see how you measure up, and then supplies the information and the tools to help you shape up. The Mind Makeover and the Nutrition Makeover Videos played a major role in helping us to make decisions and focus on the nutrition needed to have a BODY Makeover. This class moves a person closer to making good nutrition choices automatically.

Barbara H
Thank you for coaching us through the whole process! Without your expertise, encouragement and recorded “lessons”, we never would have made it through.

Sean G
I’ve spent the last 11 years working with over 36,000 health and fitness experts around the world in 96 countries. I know the best of the best. And Dr. Chaney is world class expert when it comes to leading scientific research on health and nutrition today. He personally ‘walks the walk’ and knows the challenges each of us go through in connecting scientific research to the real world when it comes to the foods we eat. His passion on nutritional health shines through in his teaching and commitment to share his knowledge and wisdom with others.

Nancy P
Unless you have a background that includes the ability to discern good from bad science, and/or a healthy skepticism of mainstream headlines & ads in the realm of nutrition, you are bound to be confused by the endless claims and hoopla about what you should or should not eat. And – even if you have a good background in nutrition, I think you will love this course – for your diet and for your health.

Kathy B
Dr. Chaney looks at the research into major diets, translates it into English, and presents the information so that folks can make INFORMED choices about healthful eating. He does not promote any particular diet as “the One” that is “right” but presents the results of valid research studies — and explains his (and the scientific community’s) criteria for validity.

He also covers the reasons one might follow a particular diet. Some are better for weight loss, others for weight maintenance. Some are better for coronary disease or diabetes prevention. He points out which are likely to be problematic for long- term health due to their restrictive nature or for other reasons. Finally, he helps you choose the diet that is best for you.

David C
Dr. Chaney does not have an agenda, such as anti-GMO, anti-meat, anti-gluten, or other hot topics. Specifically, Dr. Chaney presents the many of common myths about eating healthy and discusses how they were formed and what evidence, if any, supports them. Dr. Chaney also covers recommendations from professional and government organizations, and he has the courage to present the data fairly, both for and against many controversial issues and best practices. His perspective is unique and places many myths in the appropriate context. I recommend this course for anyone interested in learning more about healthy eating and applying it to their life.

Barbara L
Dr. Chaney cuts through the confusion and sets the record straight … with science no less! He walks us through what the ‘studies’ really show … and helps save us from falling prey to clever marketing ads and articles.”

Other Testimonials:

  • “Thank you so much for making such a difference in my life”
  • “Your program helped me get back on track”
  • “I had been looking for a program like this for some time. I have appreciated the ENTIRE program because of its comprehensive nature.”
  • “Now that we’ve completed the 15 weeks, I’m at my goal weight, my hunger and food cravings have pretty much completely stabilized, and my strength and endurance have really improved”

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